Dining table 'Navis' by PBJ Designhouse, extendable, different sizes

Beautiful dining table "Navis" by the danish manufacturer PBJ Designhouse, modern Scandinavian design.

Shapely solid wood frame with light bevelled feet. The boat-shaped tabletop with solid wood edge can be extended on both sides due to the integrated extension leaves.

The table is available in four sizes and various options. The frame is available with five different would colours. For the tabletop you can choose between various veneer and laminate options.

Morten Svendsen
PBJ Designhouse
Size 92cm: width 92cm, depth 85cm, height 75cm, extended 162cm,  4-6 seats, extended 6-8 seats 
Size 132cm: width 132cm, depth 85cm, height 75cm, extended 232cm, 6-10
seats, extended 10-14 seats
Size 153cm: width 153cm, depth 85cm, height 75cm, extended 253cm, 6-10
seats, extended 10-14 seats
Size 195cm: width 195cm, depth 85cm, height 75cm, extended 315cm, 8-12
seats, extended 12-16 seats
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