1960s sideboard in walnut with coloured reversible doors, new hairpin legs
1950s walnut cabinet with glass display
Rare 1960s  teak wall shelf, trapezoidal shape
1960s teak wall shelf
Large 1970s rosewood sideboard, 240cm
1950s birchwood dresser
1960s dining- / coffee table, cherrywood, Wilhelm Renz, height-adjustable
Cubical 1960s teak coffee table with storage
1960s teak coffee table
1950s coffee table with reversible top, cherrywood
Set of six 1960s teak dining room chairs, Scandinavian style
1960s Knoll Antimott daybed, cherrywood, newly upholstered
Rare 1950s cocktail sofa, 3-seater, lovingly restored
1960s sofa with fold-out guest bed, restored
1950s armchair in beechwood with Viennese weave, newly upholstered
1960s Franz Ehrlich walnut desk, restored
Vintage 1960s wall mirror, walnut
1970s floor vase 'Fat Lava'
1960s white String wardrobe
Rare 1960s ceiling light, Denmark
Rare 1960s ceiling light, Denmark
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New arrivals from Factory Fresh Store

Sideboard Treasures by Umage, 2 doors, different colours
Dining Table 'ROW 150' by TemaHome, different colours
Solid wood chair 'Gestures', design H. Olsen, different colours
Sleeping sofa 'Tripi' by Innovation, different colours
Sofa 'Egsmark' by KRAGELUND with wooden armrests, different sizes and colours
2-seater '366 Metal', design J. Chierowski
Armchair 'Egsmark' by KRAGELUND, wooden armrests
Lounge chair '366 Metal', brass, design J. Chierowski
Rocking chair '366 Metal', design J. Chierowski, different colours
Pendant 'Cornet' by Umage, different colours
Pendant 'True' by Belid, brass
Pendant 'True' by Belid, black
Wall mirror 'One More Look' by Umage, different colours