Rare 1950s floor lamp, floor-to-ceiling tension pole light
Cubical 1960s table light, two available
1970s cascade light, glass bowls
Rare 1960s desk lamp, Nordlight Italia
1960s brass  floor lamp, new lampshade
1950s floor lamp with side table, dark beech, restored
1960s cascade lamp with 6 lights
1960s floor lamp from Lidokov, Design Josef Hurka
1970s Temde pendant ball light
1960s tripod lamp, metal and bast
1950s ceiling light, copper
1970s ceiling lamp, Doria, large, two available
1970s ceiling lamp, Doria, small, two available
1950s architecht lamp, manufactured by SIS, Germany
1970s ball lamp
Rare 1950s rocket lamp, newly threaded
Rare 1960s ceiling light, Denmark
1950s lantern light, red
1960 floor lamp, teak
1950s industrial ceiling lamp, grey
1960s table lamp, light red
Vintage floor lamp with floral pattern / ON HOLD
1960s ceramic table lamp, On hold
1950s ceiling lamp with glass shade
1970s desk lamp, E. Hillebrand
1970s lighting system by Erco
Small 1940s desk lamp, bakelite
True vintage industrial lamp, white enameled and newly wired (no. 7169)
Ceiling lamp from the 1970s, bubble design (no. 7080)
1950s enamel ceiling lamp, industrial style (no. 6488)
1970s bowl-pendant lamp, opaline glass (no. 6544)
Pair of 1960s lamps (no. 6511)
Fancy pendant lamp, copper with plastic bubbles (no. 4661)
French desk lamp, 1950s (no. 5389)
1960s ceramic wall light (no. 5283)
Witty 1950s lighting object, copper (no. 6632)
Witty 1950s lighting object, copper (no. 6632)
320 260
1960s ceramic ceiling lamp (no. 6018)
1960s ceramic ceiling lamp (no. 6018)
79 59
XL industrial light (no. 4126)
XL industrial light (no. 4126)
380 250

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Belid 'Picasso' pendant lamp, available in various colours
Floor lamp TEJL by Belid, various options available
Herstal Vienda table lamp, brass, made in Denmark
Pendant lamp 'Smykke' by EBB & FLOW, various models
Herstal Lamella pendant lamp, available in white or chrome
Pendant 'LAMPETTA' by Herstal, black
Pendant 'LAMPETTA' by Herstal, black
295 205