Two coloured 1960s mirror
1960s decoration heron, handmade
1950s rye grain, educational poster, publisher Hagemann
1960s string wardrobe, red metal
1950s mushroom, educational poster, publisher Hagemann
1950s mural decoration element, copper crane
Set of thee 1950s ceramic vases
1960s solid wood mirror, cherrywood
1960s String wardrobe with mirror
1950s portable valve radio, Manufacturer Akkord, model 'Pinguin U59'
1960s string wardrobe, black metal
Original 1950s valve radio from Siemens
1960s mirror with drawer compartment
Trapezoid shaped 1950s mirror
Vintage 1950s figurines, cat & mouse
Large 1950s mirror with brass ornament
1960s coat rack, walnut
1960s walnut coat rack
1950s umbrella stand, brass handle
1960s floor vase, Bay
Big 1950s floor vase, typical of the time
1950s floor vase, grey beige mottled
1950s newspaper rack, metal and basketwork
1950s trapeze-shaped mirror
1960s trapeze-shaped mirror with faceting
Italian 1960s ceramic object
1960s candle holder, metal
Shapely 1960s glass bowl
Ceramic wall tile, Majolika, no. 7547, draft: Fridegart Glatzle
1960s floor vase, Scheurich
1950s medicine cabinet by Mauser Metall
1950s floor vase, hand-painted
Set of two wall masks (no. 5982)
1950s tray with metal frame (no. 7076)
1960s mirror with drawer ( Nr. 6841 )
1960s trapeze-shaped mirror (no. 6590)
1950s ceramic set, vase and bowl (no. 948)
1960s glass bowls (no. 5196)
1950s set ceramic vases (no. 6061)
Extraordinary 1960s bowl, Vallauris (no. 5910)
Majolika wall tile no. 7337, Werner Meschede (no. 5881)
Decorative ceramic set (Nr. 5856)
1960s glass vase
1960s stripy floor vase,  (no. 3212)
1960s gradient glass bowl, star-shaped (no. 5193)
1960s glass bowl
1970s blue ceramic bowl and candleholder, Majolika Karlsruhe (no. 5441)
1960s ceramics set, bowl and vase (no. 2488)
Colourful 1950s floor vase (no. 5804)
1950s floor vase, brown clay (no. 4996)
60s vase with floral pattern (no. 1645)
70s vase (no. 3358)
vase rounded, yellow (no.3855)
60s vase, amorphed, white-grey (no. 4183)
70s floor vase, blue-orange (no. 4549)
1960s coat rack, teak
1960s newspaper rack
1960s newspaper rack
79 59
1960s floor vase by Jasba
1960s floor vase by Jasba
129 95
1960s XL floor vase by Sawa, sgraffito decor
1960s XL floor vase by Sawa, sgraffito decor
95 75 75
1960s natural stone wall picture, Atelier Munz (no. 5809)
1960s natural stone wall picture, Atelier Munz (no. 5809)
89 59
Set of three STOFF Nagel candleholders, chrome
'Beak Bird - Tall Heron' wooden figure by Warm Nordic, solid teak
Set of three STOFF Nagel candleholders, brass
Cushion for PAON chairs by HOUE
Leather seat pad by Chaise Nicolle, different colours available