1960s sideboard in  walnut, sliding doors, new hairpin legs
1950s lowboard in walnut, restored, 150cm
Beautiful 1960s teak highboard / buffet in Scandinavian style
Slim 1960s teak wardrobe
1950s bureau in walnut
1960s String wall shelf, ashwood
1960s shelving system Royal System, P. Cadovius, ashwood
1960s teak sideboard, Scandinavian style, restored
1950s  corner cabinet with tambour doors, walnut
Large 1960s String shelving system, ashwood
1960s wall shelf, solid beechwood
1960s sideboard, walnut, new hairpin legs
1960s teak sideboard with structured door fronts, restored
1950s wardrobe, cherrywood
1960s teak  highboard, restored
Small vintage sideboard / dresser, restored
1960s sideboard in walnut with hairpin legs, coloured doors, restored
1950s restored cabinet in ashwood
1950s cabinet in walnut, restored, 110cm
1960s teak sideboard, Scandinavian style
1960s cubical sideboard in walnut, 200cm
1950s restored sideboard, walnut and ash wood
1960s modular wall shelf, teak
1960s teak sideboard
Small 1960s sideboard, walnut, reversible sliding doors and hairpin legs
1950s dresser with mirror, birchwood
Restored 1960s sideboard in ashwood, with pannelled doors
1950s glass display cabinet, ashwood
Rare 1950s home bar, on wheels
1950s walnut sideboard, entirely restored
1960s highboard with colourful sliding doors
Midcentury teak dresser, Danish design
Minimalist 1960s sideboard in ashwood
1960s display glass cabinet, lead glass optic
Small 1960s sideboard in walnut, coloured sliding doors, new hairpin legs
Large 1960s teak highboard, Scandinavian style
Large 1960s sideboard in walnut, 250cm
1950s walnut highboard, restored
Two-toned 1950s dresser
Vintage highboard with sliding glass door, two-toned wood / on hold
1960s teak sideboard, colourful sliding doors, restored
Cubical 1960s sideboard, walnut, 150cm
Elegant 1950s walnut lowboard, restored / on hold
Classic 1960s wall shelf, walnut & metal
1960s glass cabinet, new hairpin legs, walnut
Slim 1950s lowboard, professionally restored
1960s wall bar in walnut
1970s mahogany shelf cubes / bookcase, two available
1960s rosewood dresser, hairpin legs, restored
1960s wall shelf, elm (no. 7174/B)
1960s wall shelf, elm (no. 7174/B)
190 160
Rare 1950s Tiki Style bar cabinet (no. 5934)
Rare 1950s Tiki Style bar cabinet (no. 5934)
540 290

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Sideboard Dann Tiles 135 by TemaHome, different colours
Shelving system 'LINK 2' by Studio Hausen, True Black
Lowboard Audacious by Umage, different colours
Shelf 'Stories' by Umage, different colours
Modular shelving system 'Tomado' with wooden shelves, Design A. Dekker, various colours
Highboard Dann by TemaHome, different colours