Restored 1950s sideboard in walnut, 170cm
Large teak  wall shelf, WHB, Germany
Teak 1960s wall shelf by WHB, Germany, six shelves
1970s teak shelving system, by Dyrlund, Denmark
1950s roller shutter cabinet
Small 1960s teak highboard, coloured sliding doors
High-quality 1960s showcase, teak, hairpin legs
1950s zebrano sideboard, Erwin Behr Wendlingen, restored
1960s walnut sideboard, hairpin legs, restored
1960s teak sideboard, Scandinavian style, 198cm
Large 1960s sideboard in walnut, Walter Wirz for Wilhelm Renz, professionally restored
Midcentury sideboard with coloured glass doors, restored
1960s sideboard with sliding doors, walnut
1950s cubical walnut sideboard, Erwin Behr
1960s string shelf, ashwood, design: N. Strinning
1960s wall shelf, new metal shelves
1950s walnut dresser from WK, Germany
1960s wall bar in walnut on hold
Original 1960s String wall shelf, design N. Strinning
Set of two 1960s teak shelves
Slim 1950s lowboard, professionally restored
Small 1950s dresser, maple & cherrywood
1960s wall shelf, walnut
1950s free standing shelf, Musterring
1960s sideboard with reversible sliding doors, walnut
Tall 1950s highboard, walnut and ashwood
1950s dresser,  walnut and birch
Small 1960s sideboard, walnut, reversible sliding doors and hairpin legs
1970s mahogany shelf cubes / bookcase, eight pieces available
1950s dresser, mahogany, 116cm
1950s bar / room divider, on wheels / on hold
1960s cabinet / linen cupboard, ashwood
1960s teak chest
1960s cherrywood sideboard, restored, 180cm
1950s cabinet with sliding doors, walnut, restored
1960s wall shelf, walnut
Classic 1960s wall shelf, light teak
1950s dresser walnut, restored
Restored 1960s teak sideboard, 200cm, model a
Small 1950s cabinet, ashwood, restored
1950s highboard with display case, two-toned wood
1960s glass cabinet, new hairpin legs restored
Small 1960s walnut sideboard, reversible sliding doors & hairpin legs
Large 1960s walnut sideboard, adjustable, restored, 230cm
1960s wall shelf, walnut, restored
1950s vintage shoe cabinet, bicoloured
1960s rosewood dresser, hairpin legs, restored
1950s roller shutter cabinet, industrial design, oak
1950s cabinet / dressing table, ashwood
Large 1960s teak sideboard, 230cm
Danish teak highboard, design by Arne Vodder, model number 54
1950s Fristho Franeker teak sideboard, 151cm
1960s wall shelf, black metal ladders, wood look
1950s streamline glass cabinet, cherrywood
1950s streamline glass cabinet, cherrywood
940 820
1950s mirror dressing table, two-coloured
1950s mirror dressing table, two-coloured
650 490
Straight-lined 1960s walnut sideboard
Straight-lined 1960s walnut sideboard
760 590
1950s maple dresser, bicoloured
1950s maple dresser, bicoloured
420 360
1960s wall shelf, elm (no. 7174/B)
1960s wall shelf, elm (no. 7174/B)
190 160
Pair of 1960s XS dressers, oakwood  (no. 6413)
Pair of 1960s XS dressers, oakwood (no. 6413)
280 220
Rare 1950s Tiki Style bar cabinet (no. 5934)
Rare 1950s Tiki Style bar cabinet (no. 5934)
540 290

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Modular shelving system 'Tomado metallic', Design A. Dekker, various colours
Dresser 'FINA' by Gazzda, solid oak
Room divider 'ENA' by Gazzda, solid oak
Sideboard 'FINA' by Gazzda, solid oak
Modular shelving system 'Tomado' with wooden shelves, Design A. Dekker, various colours
Shelving system 'LINK 1' by Studio Hausen, various colours available