1960s teak sideboard, restored, 180cm
1960s teak sideboard, 230cm
1960s sideboard with colourful reversible fronts, teak , 180cm
1960s sideboard, restored, 150cm
1960s teak sideboard, Scandinavian style, 226cm
1960s highboard, teak, sliding door
1960s sideboard with coloured fronts, teak
1960s glass cabinet, teak, hairpin legs
1960s teak highboard, coloured reversible fronts
1960s dresser, walnut, 100cm
1950s glass cabinet, new hairpin legs
1960s walnut shoe cabinet
1950s bicoloured dresser, cherrywood and maple
1960s storage trolley, walnut
1950s sideboard, Caucasian walnut, 238cm
Large 1950s office cabinet, shutter doors, oak
1950s highbaord, teak, O.M.F Belgien
Midcentury Highboard, teak, O.M.F. Belgium
1950s office cabinet, oak
1960s sideboard, walnut, professionally restored
1960s cherrywood highboard from Holzäpfel, Germany
1950s two-part lowboard with shelf, cherrywood
Large midcentury board, walnut and maple
Large 1950s lowboard, restored, 243cm
1950s mirror dressing table, two-coloured
60s wall shelf, teak, Omnia for Hilker
1960s WHB wall shelf, walnut
1960s walnut sideboard, 206cm
1960s zebrawood sideboard, 240cm
1960s wall shelf, ashwood
Large 1960s walnut sideboard, structured door fronts
Straight-lined 1960s walnut sideboard
1960s sideboard, Jules Perrenoud, restored
Small 60s sideboard, walnut, 160cm
1960s String shelving unit, ashwood, white metal ladders
1950s maple dresser, bicoloured
1950s dresser set, two-coloured
Small 1950s wall shelf, oak
1960s wall shelf, oak
1960s Sideboard walnut, 251cm
1960s wall shelf, ash
1960s chest of drawers in Scandinavian style
1970s XL shelving system / room divider, teak
1960s shelf, walnut, dispo 2
1960s wall shelf, black metal ladders, wood look
Pair of 1950s XS lockers, sycamore (no. 5835)
Gift voucher
1960s cherrywood sideboard, 230cm
1960s cherrywood sideboard, 230cm
1090 920
1960s chest of drawers, ash (no. 7131)
1960s chest of drawers, ash (no. 7131)
250 220
1960s wall shelf, elm (no. 7174/B)
1960s wall shelf, elm (no. 7174/B)
190 160
Pair of 1960s XS dressers, oakwood  (no. 6413)
Pair of 1960s XS dressers, oakwood (no. 6413)
280 220
Rare 1950s Tiki Style bar cabinet (no. 5934)
Rare 1950s Tiki Style bar cabinet (no. 5934)
540 320
1960s walnut rack (no. 6457)
1960s walnut rack (no. 6457)
290 190
Coffee table by KOK Maison with rattan feet
Desk with shelf 'STAFA' by Gazzda, solid oak
Set of two side tables, metal, copper-coloured/black
Sideboard 'FINA' by Gazzda, solid oak
Wall shelf 'Royal System' by dk3, designed by P. Cadovius
Low tripod coffee table, exclusice small production